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A very obvious joke, but it was well executed.

I thought this was just going to be some weird, voiceless animation based on some Rube-Golberg machine levels of knocking them around. While that would have also been interesting, I'm glad to see otherwise; Jesus' gasp at the end was priceless.

I was surprised to see a submission from you since you don't really get around to posting on here all that often.

A lot of fantastic jokes in this video, one of your best yet!

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A few thoughts. I got only so far before a bug resulted in him registering as "dying," but he never actually died. He kept drifting, and I was forced to restart. Unfortunately, no restart function is in place, and by hitting the main menu it brought me back to the very beginning.

The "cutscenes" take too long. The expanding circles take too long to change the screen, making it feel sluggish. Similarly the enter key, as far as I have gotten, serves no purpose. It is a small issue, but having to do it just to change the level when either auto-changing levels or hitting up and not moving your hands would be much better options really just makes the game feel slightly more sluggish.

Music and animations are pretty dull. The song has a decent ability to be played on loop without it becoming too annoying, but the lack of variety can get grating.

Just went back and tried to replicate it, happened at the same spot. Its the three-layered level where first is spikes, second is enemies, third is the door. Hit the first row of spikes, and you drift off.

Good luck on any future projects!

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gangstar59 responds:

thanks I will try fix this bug

Most of the levels are pretty generic for a platformer. Nothing terribly new here. It was well made, but level design could use a bit more creativity to it.

Also I know there is a volume slider, but a lot of sounds are inconsistent. The level restart noise and the "clinking" of the moving spikes is way louder than anything else.

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Very limited gameplay.

You have to follow a very specific path for upgrading, or else you get overrun. No matter what you do, you basically have to copy their upgrades or you can't keep up... and there are several factions with different upgrades to keep in mind, so you can't really keep

It wasn't bad, just wasn't executed as well as it could have been.

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Schleif basically brought up all the points I had, but I have one other thing. Learning to scream takes awhile, learning how to record it properly is even harder. However, regardless of the skill, you ought to turn down your vocal tracks and raise the instrumentals. There needs to be a proper balance, without it even accomplished vocalists sound worse.

Mmm... I'm going to have to agree

It was slow to build, there is no musicianship, the vocals are annoying, and it just didn't work.
Screaming isn't simple, but even without a sore throat I could not see how this would be good. Screaming and a capella do not mix well, and this track proved it.

Not too bad

I had some reservations against a metal cover of what in my opinion is a near perfect song, but you managed to do a pretty good job of it. I'd be interested to see how a full-scale version turns out.
I say go for it.

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Fire must suck to draw well, but it looks like you nailed it!

r/wow represent!

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Guy below me

The thumbnail resembles the album cover for In the Court of the Crimson King by
King Crimson (what a redundant statement). The shading is "good," and his other stuff is "of a high quality or caliber."

I don't know what to say about this other than it is very unsettling, but that is just testament to the quality of the art.

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Why's the guy below me so mad?

But really I've always loved your art style, and this is no exception. Bit of a crude take on Sonic and the Friendship Brigade, and it succeeded. The topic may piss some people off, but it is undeniably good.

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